Pixie Twins Birth GamePlay:

You are going to have to take really good care of Tinkerbell through the entire game, and for that you will have to be very careful and makesure that in the shortest time, you will get her ready for the hospital, deliver the twin babies and start to take care of them.

For that you have to be very careful and use the mouse as the main controls of the game. Make sure that you start with the first steps, and that is to get Tinkerbell's hospital bag ready, because she is about to give birth to the twins. Make sure that you pick up the phone and dial 911, and you are going to be against the clock to start finding the objects to put in the bag.

The second scene of the game will be the hospital level, in which you are going to be the doctors, and you have to make sure that Tinkerbell and her babies are doing just fine. Using the mouse, you will be performing the C section on her belly, and you can start extracting the twins out of their mom. There are going to be proffessional tools ready for you to use with your mouse.

Pixie is having twins! Play one of the most fun games ever and find out how to take care of two fairy babies.

Use: Tap to play this game.

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