Animal Ice Cream Shop GamePlay:

Animal Ice Cream Shop is a casual game which is playable on Food games. Gameplay is a fun and simple tap-and-swipe interface; you need to slide the ice cream cone onto the table and choose the ice cream ingredients according to the customer's request. The difficulty and the levels are due to the dynamics of time management, and this means that orders for ice cream are getting more and more difficult in a short period of time.

There is a parallel game loop in which customers give you game coins. You use these resources and diamonds to buy better equipment and new ingredients like a strawberry shortcake, milkshake machine, and other improvements, like upgrading your ice cream equipment. You can also manage the game resources to customize your ice cream truck and make it more and more attractive to have even more customers. All of them would like a strawberry shortcake ice cream.

In addition, we also provide a variety of games similar to Little Pandas Food Cooking. Invite friends to play with you and make many good memories during this time. 


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